Electronic Equipment


●Land-based Air Defense Radar

● Battlefield/Ground Surveillance Radar

● Weapon location/Missile Control Radar

● Airborne Warning/Fire Control Radar

● Coastal Defense/Surveillance Radar

● Ship-borne Searching and Tracking Radar

● IFF and Air Traffic Control System

● Weather Radar

● Radar Upgradation


● Radar Electronic Warfare System

● Communication Electronic Warfare System

● E-O Electronic Warfare System

● Network Warfare System

● Protection Solution

● Integrated Electronic Warfare System Solution


●Data Link

● HF/VHF/UHF/VLF Tactical Communication Equipment

● Microwave Communication System

● Troposphere Scatter Communication System

● Optical Fiber Communication System

● Integrated Communication Network

● Regional Communication Network

● Satellite Communication Application System

● Broadcast and Television System

● City Emergency Response Communication System

● Transmission and Switching Equipment

● Programmable Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX)

● Communication Security and Encryption System

● All Types of Communication Terminals

Military acoustic equipment:

● Artillery Acoustic Detection System

● >Low Altitude Target Positioning System

● Multi-sensor Early Warning Detection System

● Sniper Acoustic Detection System

● Acoustic Weapons

● Special Language Communication

● Underwater Communication and Navigation Positioning Device

Security & Secrecy:

● Radio Spectrum Surveillance System

● Network Surveillance and Control System

● Network Protection System

● National and/or Regional Intelligence System Solution


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