CETC, a state-owned company for the design and construction of C4ISR systems, can provide power information support for all the arms and services in the actions as defending national security, winning the local war, fighting against the terrorism, and maintaining the area stabilization. The products of system level developed by CETC can be configured easily and agilely between levels of strategy,battle and tactics, so as to make the battlefield situation unified and transparent, strengthen the command efficiency, quicken the feedback time, enhance the ability of living, and then capture the advantage of information and decision-making.

With the support of common information infrastructure, which is the integration of command and control, information sensing, information disposing, information countermeasure and information guarantee of battlefield environment, connected tightly with weapon platforms, covering all kinds of operational spaces, including land, sea and air.


●Joint Command & Control System

●Army C4ISR System

●Navy C4ISR System

●Air force C4ISR System

●Information infrastructure


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