Infrastructure Construction

CETC has a complete construction product and industrial chain from product research and development, survey design, to project contracting, real estate development, equipment manufacturing, to property management.

Based on both domestic and international markets, CETC, daring to compete, and good at innovation, has grown to be China's major construction contractors and an important building partner in the developing countries and regions.

A.Commercial Infrastructure

Civil Residence: Hotel, Large Shopping Mall, Resorts, Military Camp

B. Municipal Infrastructure Construction

Sewage Treatment Plant: Municipal Water and Heat Supply Facilities, Solid, Waste Treatment Plant, Hospital Overall Design and Construction, Sport Stadium Construction

C. Industrial Infrastructure Construction

Cement Plant, Port and Wharf Construction, Textile Plant, Steel Plant, Battery Plant

D. Modern Agriculture Industry Construction

Modern Granary, Farm Irrigation, Fruit& Vegetable Production Line, Chicken, Hatch Production Line, Cassava Plant


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