Energy Development

Energy Development


PV manufacturing lines / system engineering capabilities

Small and middle sized synchronization/ off-grid power systems

Photovoltaic system application project

Large-scale photovoltaic power plant

Photovoltaic industrial park planning and design

Turnkey project of the entire production line

Reconstruction and technical upgrading of production line

Thermal Power, Gas-fired Power Stations, Hydropower, Wind Power, Oil and gas development

CETC is dedicated to become a leading solution provider in energy development worldwide by providing engineering and technical services on both traditional and renewable energy, including industry planning, technical service, application promotion, energy optimization, system integration, equipment manufacturing and procurement, EPC, and products sales etc.

CETC actively participates in energy projects at home and abroad, and has made great performance in the area of new energy as well as conventional energy power station construction. CETC possesses strong technical competence by combining the high-technology with local demand, aiming to facilitate the local energy supply while providing convenience to the residents' daily life.


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