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网络彩票推广|CETC was Highlighted at the “Five Years Achievements Show”

22 October 2017 From:信息发布 Browse:     
In the evening of October 19, more than 2000 representatives of 19th CPC National Congress came to Beijing Exhibition Hall to visit the “Five Years Achievements Show”. Based on the important speech spirit of the General Secretary Xi Jinping and CPC’s new ideas of ruling state and dealing with politics and focusing on the important time and events since the 18th CPC National Congress, the show demonstrated the historical changes since the 18th CPC National Congress covering reform and development, defense, foreign and domestic affairs, management of party, country and army, etc., CETC showed the outstanding achievements in the field of network space security application, Beidou satellite navigation system application and national defense information construction, which drew wide attention.

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