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pk10玩法介绍龙虎|The Blueprint for International Management in 2018 was Drawn.

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北京pk10高手群 www.silvaman.com,寨里的老少去山地“躲虫”之后,参加祭祀活动的人,分头在各路口,插上标记,用龙竹建成寨门,门上系着一根绳索,索上夹起沾着鸡血的纸马,并扎一把木刀,横挡路口,以示禁止外寨人进寨和本寨去“躲虫”的人入寨,意为“封寨”。FBI表示,警方制服圣地亚哥时未开一枪。

On April 2nd, the 2018 international management conference of the CETC was held in Nanjing. In the conference, participants learnt the spirit of the 19th CPC national congress, implemented the conference requirement of the group company, summarized the experience of the international management in the first two years of the 13th Five Year Plan, defined the new requirement and new aim of the international management of the group company in the new era, researched and deployed the key task of international management in 2018 and the next period.    

The Chairman Xiong Qunli made comments on the meeting report. The President Liu Liehong attended the meeting and gave a speech. The Chief Accountant Zhang Dengzhou made a report of the international management of 2018. In recent years, the CETC has made a great achievement of the international management. In 2017, the international business increased 33.8% and the total volume of the international business increased 16.2%, both compared with those of the end in the 12th Five Year. The export of military products has expanded constantly and the civil products has become the main development engine; the overseas asset allocation has improved steadily.

The international development of CETC faces both opportunities and challenges in the new era, while the former overweighs the latter. Based on the clear judgment of the new circumstances, Liu Liehong made clear requests for the future international management works. In order to practice the requests, Zhang Dengzhou deployed works of the next period and of 2018. In order to encourage the whole group to make better achievement of the international management, the conference praised 6 advanced corporations, 4 great project teams and 20 advanced people. The 28th Research Institute and HIKVISION respectively shared the advanced experience. CETCI made a work report; the 6 leading organizations of the Going out strategy of the national informatization ( the 15th Research Institute, the 28th Research Institute, the CEPRI, the CETCSC, the CETCOCEAN, the CETCCITY ) respectively made special reports.

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