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北京pk10赢彩专家破解|Central Enterprise Innovation Achievement Exhibition triumphantly Closed and the Undertaking Work of CETC is widely praised

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On Nov.24, SASAC organized a summary meeting of the Central Enterprise Innovation Achievement Exhibition, summing up the exhibition situation, putting forward new requirements for the future innovation and development of the central enterprises, and commending groups and individuals with outstanding performance during the exhibition.

At the meeting, Deputy Director of SASAC Xu Fushun made a concluding speech, and Deputy Secretary-General Zhou Yubo read out a praise notice. President of CETC Liu Lihong, Chief Engineer Wu Manqing and other central enterprise leaders attended the meeting.

Central Enterprise Innovation Achievement Exhibition officially opened on September 14, successfully closed on November 17, lasted more than 40 days, showed great achievements in innovation and mass entrepreneurship and innovation since the 18th National Congress of the CPC, which has been widely praised by all parties. As the contractor, CETC has fulfilled the task assigned by SASAC in high quality.

In this meeting, CETC received the title of "Special Contribution Enterprise", 6 headquarter departments and 19 member units received the title of "Outstanding Performance Collective". 240 people received the title of "Outstanding Performance Individual", CETC booth won the title of "Most Popular Booth".

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